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Anticpate, Share, Respond: 3 Ingredients for Customer ServiceAlthough it should surprise no one, assuring smooth interaction with sellers and prospective buyers is the key to real estate success. Market knowledge and additional attributes are important, of course, but technical skills always play second fiddle to people skills. The ability to anticipate needs, share information and respond properly in varied situations is a compelling need.

What exactly does that mean to a real estate agent?

Develop Personal Relationships

View each client as the most important one. Remember that Legacy Ridge buyers and sellers have individual concerns and timelines. Don't push, ever, but always be available to answer questions and offer guidance. Real estate agents who strike a balance between zealousness and

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The Many Roads to Sustainable Residential Real Estate ConstructionThere is a trend impacting real estate construction—sustainability. Homeowners are interested in homes built in more environmentally-conscious ways that can serve to decrease their long-term energy costs. Sustainable construction is not a single approach, but offers numerous options and elements for those who are looking to learn more and possibly incorporate some best practices into the design and construction of a residential home.

Sustainable construction has actually been around for quite some time as seen in adobo house and other types of structures made of locally-sourced materials. However, Millennials and other groups of homebuyers are looking for modern amenities, as well as ways to reduce their carbon footprint and even passively cool or

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Homeowner Tips: 4 Types of Tools for the HomeOwning a home calls for a fair bit of maintenance, and having a stock of available equipment makes repairs and improvements faster. With this information, homeowners will know which tools they should keep on hand.

1. Landscaping Maintenance

The type of tools necessary for the landscape depends on the yard, but homeowners can plan on a few basics. Mowing and trimming the lawn calls for a mower and a weed trimmer. People can use a rake or a leaf blower to move lightweight debris to a designated spot for removal. Common gardening tools include a trowel, spade, hoe, and shovel. Homeowners should also keep tools like a wrench to fix their sprinkler systems, as needed.

2. All-Purpose Tools

Certain implements have a broad appeal all over the

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Millennial Home Buying Myths You Should KnowMillennials haven't exactly made headlines for their interest in homeownership. In fact, with rising student loan debt and falling salaries, it may seem as though the dream of homeownership is at the beginning of the end. This is just one of the many misconceptions when it comes to Millennials and home buying. While it's true that the economy and lifestyle changes have had an effect on real estate, it may not be the way the public realizes. See what the landscape actually looks like before being the judge.

Myth: Millennials Would Rather Rent

It's not really a question of Millennials preferring to rent, so much that it's a question of renting being more practical. Millennial home buyers may not be certain if they're going to stay in their job

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Common Roofing Materials All Homeowners Should KnowThe materials of a roof will determine how it will function over time, so homeowners need to know the basics before committing to one kind over another. The right materials for each home will depend on not just the property owner's aesthetic tastes, but also the weather in the area, the primary role of the building, and the amount of maintenance a homeowner wants to commit to. The good news is that trends in roofing materials have made major strides, which means that the number of quality options has steadily increased over time.

Wood Shingles

Durable, beautiful, and versatile, wood shingles look great with a variety of home decors. Plus, wood has a certain type of unspoken quality that can make homeowners feel as though they walked into a

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What You Need to Know About Homeowners InsuranceFor many home buyers, finding a homeowners insurance policy is a necessity. Knowing what to look for and other basic information about homeowners insurance is important. Oftentimes home insurance can offer homeowners peace of mind when unfortunate circumstances arise. This FAQ can help home buyers who are in escrow and who need to know more about homeowners insurance.

Do You Have to Have Homeowners Insurance?

Home buyers who borrow money to purchase their home will be required by their mortgage company to get homeowners insurance. Home buyers who don't find a policy before the close of escrow will be denied a loan. After the home is purchased, homeowners are required to keep their policy current. If the policy lapses, the mortgage company may

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Renovating Home Windows? Here's 5 Things to ResearchThere are several updates that homeowners can make to their homes to help improve the overall property value. Upgrading windows is one way for homeowners to improve their home value and increase their overall enjoyment. Choosing the right window could make a home look great for years. With these tips, people will understand what to look for as they shop.


Single-paned windows are generally considered the least efficient. These days, the standard choices offers two pieces of glass with a layer of air trapped between the panes to slow heat transfer. Glazing describes this state, and windows commonly have double or triple glazing. Although windows with triple glazing are better at keeping heat inside and road noise outside, they are more

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Home Buying Closing Cost InformationBuying a house is expensive, but many of the costs (like the mortgage and mortgage insurance) are paid slowly over a long period of time. However, some costs, like closing costs, must be paid all at once by the buyer. Home buyers who are aware of what closing costs are and who have made arrangements to pay for closing costs when the time comes are better prepared to buy a home.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a financial advisor before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

What Are Closing Costs?

Closing costs are the fees that must be paid when escrow closes and a home is sold. Closing costs can vary from one home sale to the next, depending on a variety of factors including the price of the home and the

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Tips for Getting the Best Outdoor Living SpaceIf the interior of the home is looking ship-shape, then it may be time to start turning the eye outward. The right living space is not only a blanket invitation to enjoy fresh air and natural light, but also a good way for people to switch up their daily routines. When homeowners can enjoy their morning cup of coffee when the sun comes up or a glass of wine as it sets, they have that many more reasons to love their home.

Greenery and Growth

Outdoor living spaces start with the right plant life. The more flowers, trees, and shrubs in the yard, the cleaner the air will be and the more welcoming it will feel to both residents and visitors alike. When determining where to put it all, homeowners should consider how they want traffic to move in the

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5 Reasons To Invest in Solar PanelsAs people are becoming more environmentally conscious, there are new household improvements that help homeowners lessen their carbon footprint by increasing energy efficiency around the home. Solar panels have been around for quite some time now, and while many homeowners think they’re out of reach, they’re more accessible than ever now for use on private homes. There are many reasons why solar panels are attractive, and here are some of them.

Homeowners Can Live Anywhere and See Results

A common misconception about solar panels is that in order to get any use out of them, they must be in a sunny place like southern California or Arizona. While the location of solar panels does affect how effective they are, homeowners can live just about

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