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When it's Time to Replace Your GuttersThe gutters on your home can provide good service for decades. Experts say that aluminum and steel gutters have an average lifespan of about 20 years, while copper gutters can last as long as 50 years. However, during your gutters' lifetime, issues like build-ups of leaves, damage from ladders and branches or other potential hazards can reduce their lifespan. Also, if you have purchased an already-existing home, you may not know the age of the gutters and whether they are ready for replacement. It's a good idea to be on top of this maintenance issue because of the damage leaking gutters can do to your home. Not sure if it's time yet? These signs can show that your gutters are ready for replacement:

You can see rust spots, cracks and holes.


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The Importance of Paint Before ListingHome buyers like sellers with good maintenance habits. In the weeks and months before a home is listed for sale, many homeowners perform a variety of home improvement projects, including home painting. In fact, painting is one of the most popular home improvement projects taken on by home sellers, and for good reason.

Painting a home can leave home buyers impressed by the cleanliness and overall general appearance of a property. A good coat of paint applied property can make a property stand out from the other homes on the block and in a similar price range. In some cases, fresh paint can even boost offers and lead to a faster sale. Below are some of the commons reasons that a home seller might decide to paint their property before putting their

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Buying Your First HomeThe home you buy can be yours for a very long time, so selecting the right property may crucial for your long-term happiness and quality of life. Preparing in advance for the home buying process and knowing what you want before you hit the market can help you pick a home you really want, and will continue to want, for years to come.

Have Finances In Order Before Looking

Having your finances in order before you begin looking can help ensure that you're ready to make a move and present an attractive offer when you find the right place. To do this, start by talking to lenders before you begin looking at homes. Find out what kind of paperwork they'll need in order to streamline the process. Getting the paperwork together in advance will ensure

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Smart Technology and How it can Help Sell a HomeSmart technology is a relatively new concept that has changed modern homes in the last several years. Smart products are automated devices that can be controlled remotely, usually by smart phone or by computer. These products are also intelligent enough to learn the preferences of the homeowner and turn on and off products as needed. Smart products can vary from light bulbs to locks, window shades to thermostats.

Getting Started With Smart Technology in Your Home

  1. Pick a home assistant. A home assistant is a platform for managing all of your home's smart products. Different smart products are compatible with different home assistants, so homeowners who plan to use a home assistant often choose the assistant first.
  2. Decide on your smart
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How to Decide if a Condo is Right for YouWhether you are downsizing from a large single-family home or ready to make the leap from renter to owner, you should consider whether or not a condo is a right home for you. Condominiums come in a variety of shapes and sizes from units in spacious high-rises to smaller dwellings in planned unit developments. What are the pros and cons of owning a condo?

Pro: You Own Your Home

Unlike renting, you own the condo in which you live. Ownership means that as you make payments and the property appreciates in value, you build equity in your home. Building home equity is a bedrock of financial security for most people.

Con: Your Home Comes with Restrictions

While you own your condo, it also comes with some restrictions. These restrictions should

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Selling a Home with Smoke DamageEven under the best conditions, selling a home can be tough, and selling a home that’s been exposed to years of damage from cigarette smoke can feel nearly impossible. Surveys have found that smoking can reduce a home’s value by up to 30%, and 27% of home buyers refuse to even consider buying a smoker home. To help beat the odds, here’s seven tips to help repair the damage done by cigarettes and make a home suitable to sell. 

1. Stop smoking in the home.

As soon as a homeowner knows they’re going to try to sell their home, they need to stop smoking indoors. The road to cleaning a smoke-damaged home is very long, and continuing to smoke inside is going make it all the harder.

2. Air out the home and furniture.

Open the windows and doors,

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Pros and Cons of Home StagingIn an effort to see their homes sell faster, some homeowners are choosing to stage their homes in order to make it happen. But just what does it mean to have a home staged? Much like decorating a set for a movie or play, home staging is doing the same thing for a home. A home stager will come into someone’s home and move furniture or bring in new furniture to make the space look as good as it possibly can so it entices buyers, even in competitive markets like Eagle Ridge.


  • On average, a staged home can sell up to 88% faster and for about to 3% more than an home that hasn’t been staged, much like how curb appeal can entice buyers into the home.
  • Home staging can be helpful for home sellers who have already moved out of the home
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Landscaping with Shrubs and Flowers to Boost Curb AppealFlowers and shrubs are an important part of a home’s curb appeal. Knowing how to work with these plants strategically can help you wow buyers so you can sell your home quickly when the time comes.

Choose Bright and Colorful Specimens

Bright, colorful flowers make a home look cheerful and inviting. Some homeowners choose flowers that fit into a specific color scheme while others go for a more eclectic collection of different hues. Either way, brighter is usually better when selling. Showy, vibrant flowers remind buyers that the soil is fertile, the yard is beautiful and the home is bursting with potential.

Plant Annuals for Lush, Easy to Maintain Splendor

Annuals only live for one growing season. Out of necessity, most specimens are fast

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How to Sell a Home that has an In-law ApartmentIn-law apartments are a desirable feature for many home buyers. A home with an in-law apartment can sell quickly and for a good price if the property is properly prepared, staged and marketed. Getting a home ready for home buyers before putting the house on the market can help the sale go more smoothly.

Make Sure Construction Is Permitted

Sometimes in-law apartments are added without proper permits. This can save homeowners money in the short term but cost homeowners when it’s time to sell. If you own a home with an unpermitted apartment, or if you’re not sure if the apartment was permitted when it was built, now is the time to look into the permit status and have the apartment permitted, if necessary.

Getting an apartment retroactively

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Purchasing a House with a Small Down PaymentThe housing market has changed dramatically over the last several decades, and methods of buying have been modified so that it’s easier than ever before to purchase your own home. Remember when people used to say that having a 20 percent down payment was a must or else you shouldn’t even be looking at homes?

All of that has shifted into a scenario where you can still buy the house of your dreams without saving such a large chunk of money. In fact, some people find they can buy a house with absolutely nothing down at all!

Types Of Mortgages Available

The methods of buying a home with little to no down payment aren’t complex and the options for mortgages are varied depending on each unique situation. If you are a veteran or an active service

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