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Affordable Energy Efficient Upgrades for Your HomeMany homeowners are interested in leaving a smaller carbon footprint and reducing their home's energy consumption. Not only are energy efficient upgrades useful to decrease energy bills and a homeowners reliance on energy resources, but they may also serve to improve a home's value. What are some easy and affordable ways that homeowners can get started?

Take advantage of current green energy incentives and look into a few approaches homeowners take to upgrade their homes and lower their utility bills today.

Energy Efficient Upgrades Pay

Homeowners continue to see incentives for energy efficient improvements from government and mortgage programs. Prospective owners can build green homes in Oregon, New York, New Jersey and Maryland and other

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How to Reduce Capital Gains Tax When Selling a HomeDoes a seller need to declare all of the profit made on the sale of a home to the IRS? Homeowners should be aware of the exclusions that may make it possible to refrain from paying capital gains tax on the full or partial profit of a sale.

Learn more about the $250,000/$500,000 exclusion, partial exclusions and the 2-out-of-5-years rule.

Are You Aware of the $250,000/$500,000 Exclusion?

The exclusion applies to the sale of a main home. Up to $250,000 in profit may be excluded from the sale for individuals. As for married couples, $500,000 in profit can be excluded. The exclusion can apply to residences including a house, condo, apartment, stock-cooperative or fixed mobile home. This means that a considerable amount of the profit on the sale

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How to Avoid Mistakes When Selling a HomeWhen it comes to selling a home, no one wants to do something wrong in the process. Unfortunately, there are a lot of common mistakes sellers make not realizing it. Here are some of the common mistakes first-time sellers and veterans alike make when selling a home and how to avoid them.

Pricing Too High

When pricing a home, pricing too high can be one of the worst mistakes a homeowner can make. Homes with high prices typically take much longer to sell than similar homes with smaller price tags, and a high price can also act as a gatekeeper, preventing people from seeing it because they think it’s out of their budget. And if the price is eventually lowered, it can lead to people thinking there must be something wrong with the home if it wasn’t

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How to Take Advantage of 203k Home Renovation LoansIn the aftermath of the housing bubble's disintegration in 2008, the landscapes of many communities and neighborhoods across the United States are marred by homes that have serious issues. Whether these issues are structural in nature—such as foundation work or a new roof—or they are more cosmetic problems, the costs of making the repairs necessary so that a house becomes a home can price many potential home buyers right out of the market/

Government-Backed FHA 203k Loans

Fortunately, there is a government-backed answer that helps put potential homeowners in the houses they want which also gets languishing properties off the market. The 203k loan program is overseen by the government's Federal Housing Administration (FHA). Working with lending

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How to Improve Curb Appeal on a BudgetHomeowners know the importance of curb appeal but a good number do not have a large budget for making huge renovations for their home's curb appeal. Images of dramatic curb appeal makeovers will not cut it. Homeowners with a limited budget need to be willing to invest some time and effort into making changes for more realistic improvements that are cheap and easy to do.

Outside of the obvious changes, such as pulling weeds and cleaning the area, what can a homeowner do to improve their curb appeal?

Improvements to the Home

Property owners can address a number of issues with inexpensive solutions. Get a property ready to be listed after fixing these common problems.

Do you have a cracked or discolored foundation? A slab foundation exposed

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Things to Remember When Renovating a Fixer-UpperFixer-uppers are plentiful in many areas of the nation, and just as popular as the homes themselves are the people who choose to buy them. Sometimes the motivation can be to renovate a home and sell it for a nice profit, while others want a deal on a home for themselves and like having the flexibility to make it look however they want. Either way you end up going, there are a few important items to consider before buying a fixer-upper.

Fixing To Sell

When the option is to fix up a home to sell it only a short time later, there are a few things to remember in order to keep your profit high and your stress low. One of the most crucial aspects of how much will be made on the sale is how cheaply the home can be renovated. Now that’s not to say that

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When it's Time to Replace Your GuttersThe gutters on your home can provide good service for decades. Experts say that aluminum and steel gutters have an average lifespan of about 20 years, while copper gutters can last as long as 50 years. However, during your gutters' lifetime, issues like build-ups of leaves, damage from ladders and branches or other potential hazards can reduce their lifespan. Also, if you have purchased an already-existing home, you may not know the age of the gutters and whether they are ready for replacement. It's a good idea to be on top of this maintenance issue because of the damage leaking gutters can do to your home. Not sure if it's time yet? These signs can show that your gutters are ready for replacement:

You can see rust spots, cracks and holes.


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The Importance of Paint Before ListingHome buyers like sellers with good maintenance habits. In the weeks and months before a home is listed for sale, many homeowners perform a variety of home improvement projects, including home painting. In fact, painting is one of the most popular home improvement projects taken on by home sellers, and for good reason.

Painting a home can leave home buyers impressed by the cleanliness and overall general appearance of a property. A good coat of paint applied property can make a property stand out from the other homes on the block and in a similar price range. In some cases, fresh paint can even boost offers and lead to a faster sale. Below are some of the commons reasons that a home seller might decide to paint their property before putting their

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Buying Your First HomeThe home you buy can be yours for a very long time, so selecting the right property may crucial for your long-term happiness and quality of life. Preparing in advance for the home buying process and knowing what you want before you hit the market can help you pick a home you really want, and will continue to want, for years to come.

Have Finances In Order Before Looking

Having your finances in order before you begin looking can help ensure that you're ready to make a move and present an attractive offer when you find the right place. To do this, start by talking to lenders before you begin looking at homes. Find out what kind of paperwork they'll need in order to streamline the process. Getting the paperwork together in advance will ensure

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Smart Technology and How it can Help Sell a HomeSmart technology is a relatively new concept that has changed modern homes in the last several years. Smart products are automated devices that can be controlled remotely, usually by smart phone or by computer. These products are also intelligent enough to learn the preferences of the homeowner and turn on and off products as needed. Smart products can vary from light bulbs to locks, window shades to thermostats.

Getting Started With Smart Technology in Your Home

  1. Pick a home assistant. A home assistant is a platform for managing all of your home's smart products. Different smart products are compatible with different home assistants, so homeowners who plan to use a home assistant often choose the assistant first.
  2. Decide on your smart
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