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What to Do About Roof DamageIt is important to address signs of roof damage because when is left without being repaired, a home may become more susceptible to mold, rot and pests. Those who want to protect their home's value need to decide how they may want to address roof damage and whether or not they need to repair or replace a roof. Depending on the type of damage, more resources may be needed to make necessary repairs.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Homeowners may want to consider replacing a roof if it is near its estimated roofing cycle. A homeowner with a roof of asphalt shingles can expect the roof to have an average lifetime of up to 20 years. Damage that occurs near the end of a roof's lifetime may be more easily and more cost effectively remedied by

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What Are the Most Common Home Buying Contingencies?Offers may seem like a relatively straightforward procedure when it comes to the home buying process, but appearances can be deceiving. From the common contingencies to the crazy ones, buyers can submit their offers with any number of terms and conditions. Find out more about how they work to benefit not just the buyer and seller, but also the lender and respective title companies.

A Brief Overview

Like most other purchases, home buying is largely determined by supply and demand. In a seller's market, buyers may make few or no contingencies because they are motivated to have their offer accepted. In a buyer's market, they may be able to submit a successful offer with multiple contingencies because a homeowner may need to be more flexible in

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Beginner Landscaping Tips to Create Beautiful LawnsFor those just delving into the realm of home landscaping, the process can seem a bit overwhelming. Owners typically want outdoor spaces to provide for themselves with attractive and enjoyable recreational spaces that also provides year round curb appeal and adds value to the home. This home landscaping guide features beginner landscaping tips to assist in the design process.

Evaluating the Space and Developing a Plan

Determine what is most important to the design plans. Is there a need for a patio or gazebo? What about a play space? Is a garden in the plans or is an array of color essential? Begin thinking about what can realistically fit in available space, and start sketching an outline of where things will go. Plan for the long haul, as it

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3 Tips for a Better Home ShowWhen it comes to a home show, sellers have to be ready to compete with countless other homes for attention. The stress and repetition of searching can make it easy for buyers to mix up homes or to forget about them entirely. Even in a seller's market, a good home show can be the difference between 10% over the asking price and 15% over. Following a few simple tips can make it easier to strategize the best way to make a home really shine.

Outdoor Madness

If sellers had to choose one area to put their efforts into, the answer would unanimously be to give the home more curb appeal. This is because a buyer's first impression is often the one that sticks, so an impeccable yard is really the baseline for a good home sale. Concentrate on fixing the

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High-ROI Home Improvement Projects to Count OnThere are some home improvements that can improve comfort, functionality or aesthetic beauty of a home. Such upgrades can be a worthwhile investment for the homeowners without significantly improving ROI. That being said, many homeowners are also looking to make upgrades to potentially boost home value and help a home “sell” in the eyes of average buyers.

In such cases, it is useful to pinpoint which of the many home improvement projects available can help owners achieve this end goal. According to a Cost vs. Value report, homeowners may expect up to 64 percent back from a desirable upgrade. This may be achieved when a homeowner is able to sell the home in the same year as that of the upgrade.

Attic Insulation

As the trend to improve energy

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How to Decide If a Home Repair Is A DIY or Needs a ProThe allure of a DIY job can be a powerful one. It calls to homeowners in a primal way, beckoning them to save money while bonding with their property. But DIY jobs have another side to them that may not only cost more money to complete but may be more than a homeowner can handle. Before checking YouTube for tips, use these basic criteria to decide on a strategy.

Understand All Local Regulations

Every province in Canada has their own view on just how much control a homeowner has over their property. These regulations are enforced because no homeowner lives in a bubble, and their mistakes can have a major impact on the neighborhood. For example, an underground leak can go undetected for years until it causes damage to everyone on the block.

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Why A Lender Requires PMIPrivate Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is a type of policy a lender can take out if a loan applicant is unable to make a down payment of 20 percent of the home's purchase price. While the lender is the holder of the policy, the homeowner is the one who pays for it. PMI has become increasingly necessary as real estate prices continue their upward trend, so it helps to understand how PMI works to protect you, the lender, and other home buyers.

The Theory

When a buyer is unable to put down 20 percent of the home costs, they have very little equity in the home. Should they be unable to afford their mortgage, the lender would be responsible for the sale of the property. PMI is there recoup closing costs, real estate agent fees, and taxes, as well as cover

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Downsizing? These Tips Will HelpDownsizing a home can be a challenge. After many years, clutter, furniture and possessions can build up. Getting rid of old things can be time consuming and emotionally difficult. Having a plan and taking your time can help.

Start Early, With a Plan

Depending on the size of your home, downsizing may take a year or more to complete. Creating a one-year plan can help make the task manageable and gives you time to do it right. Make a timeline, establish milestones and set deadlines to prevent your plan from becoming overwhelming.

Many homeowners downsize room by room, starting first at one end of the house and finishing at the other. When making your plan, remember to include out of the way places like storage closets, the attic, the shed and

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How To Get a Good Sale Price in a Buyer's MarketIn a buyer's market, sellers often have to encourage buyers to consider their properties. Meeting buyers' needs is the best way to keep their interest. Using these tips helps sellers to negotiate for a fair deal, while still being able to compete.

1. Make Enticing Improvements

In a market where the inventory is high enough that home prices are stagnant (or even dropping), sellers want to hang onto every dime they can. This often calls for making some home upgrades. Sellers do not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to appeal to buyers, but a larger investment made wisely will usually result in a higher sale price. Buyers typically prefer:

  • Energy-efficient appliances, equipment, and fixtures
  • Contemporary flooring, such as
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What Paperwork Do You Need For A Home Sale?The amount of paperwork when it comes to buying or selling a home is considerable, but it's also necessary so that everyone involved in the home sale has the information they need to make decisions. The buyer, lender, title company, and legal authorities are all looking for specific official statements and agreements before a home sale can be completed, so learn more about what's included before listing a home.

Title and Deed

These two terms have a tendency to be mixed up, so it's important to keep them straight. The title states who has the rights to the property, while the deed refers to the paperwork needed to transfer the title from one person to another. Property disputes between divorcing couples, neighbors who may claim a portion of the

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