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Budgeting for a Mortgage When a new home buyer applies for a home mortgage pre-approval, the amount given as to what the buyer can spend on a home is simply an estimate and may not be a true indicator of what a buyer can actually afford on an on-going basis. There are many factors that affect a buyers home buying ability that are not usually considered in a mortgage application.

Add these eight numbers to your budget, to better determine how much of a mortgage you can reasonably handle on an on-going basis when searching for a home to buy.

Make sure to consult with a lender or financial advisor with any questions you may have about your personal financial situation and how it relates to financing a home.

1. Home Improvements and Upkeep Expenses After the Sale


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Organizing Closet Before Home Sale Stuff here, stuff there, stuff stuffed everywhere.

The golden rule when selling a house is that less is more for making a good impression. The good news is that organizing closets improves home sales by improving their appearance and doesn't need to cost a lot.

Moving Toward Order

Cluttered closets are like large, flashing, warning signs that tell potential buyers your home doesn't have enough storage space. They may walk away without entering a bid or offer less money than you expect.

Real estate agents will often tell you that the first step toward making a home show better for sale is to remove a large portion of its contents. After that comes reorganization.

Clearing Clutter

Embarrassing though it may seem, staging a home for

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Why FSBO is a Mistake Listing your home as For Sale By Owner (FSBO) can be very tempting to some home sellers. With the availability of high-quality information online and a sense that anyone can complete a DIY project, even a home sale, selling your home yourself may seem like a great way to save some money.

As it turns out, however, data shows that this is not usually the case.

Selling your home through a licensed real estate agent offers several benefits that make their commission well worth the expense.

Access to Exclusive Databases

The MLS, or Multiple Listing Service, is the database that was created and maintained by realtors and other real estate professionals.  This database is exclusive to professionals in the industry.  While anyone can search the

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