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What Paperwork Do You Need For A Home Sale?The amount of paperwork when it comes to buying or selling a home is considerable, but it's also necessary so that everyone involved in the home sale has the information they need to make decisions. The buyer, lender, title company, and legal authorities are all looking for specific official statements and agreements before a home sale can be completed, so learn more about what's included before listing a home.

Title and Deed

These two terms have a tendency to be mixed up, so it's important to keep them straight. The title states who has the rights to the property, while the deed refers to the paperwork needed to transfer the title from one person to another. Property disputes between divorcing couples, neighbors who may claim a portion of the

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How Is Selling a Vacation Home Different Than Selling a Primary Residence?Selling a vacation home has specific peculiarities that do not apply to selling a primary residence. These differences may make a homeowner and their agent vary their approach when it comes time to sell a vacation property. This is a good thing as knowing how to prepare to sell a vacation property can help sell it faster and with less of a tax burden.

Are you or someone you know planning to sell their vacation property? Keep in mind these differences between selling vacation homes and primary residences to help with the process today.

An Emotional Process

Think of the prospective buyer. Different emotional aspects go into purchasing a Ridge at Hangman vacation home. A buyer is often looking for a vacation property as a getaway, a place where

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6 Questions to Ask When Buying a Vacation HomeMany people dream of having a vacation home, whether it’s beachfront property or a cozy cabin tucked away in the middle of nature. However, a vacation home is a big investment, and no one should rush into purchasing one. For those interested in a home away from home, here are a few questions to ask before putting an offer in.

1. Is the Property Affordable?

When thinking about a vacation home, it can be easy get excited and forget that a second home will cost more than just a monthly mortgage. Home buyers need to take into account who is going to take care of the home while it isn’t in use, if the home needs any repairs or regular maintenance, additional taxes, and other extra costs. 

2. How Convenient Will the Home Be To Keep?

There’s no

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Home Warranties: Are They Worth It? When purchasing a home, buyers can have a lot to consider from where to start looking to what mistakes to avoid to whether or not to get a home warranty. Some buyers may find out that the home is under warranty, or they may find a letter in their mailbox offering a home warranty. But just what is a home warranty, and are they worth the money? Here’s everything home buyers need to know about home warranties so they can decide of themselves if it’s worth it.

What Is a Home Warranty?

Many people are familiar with warranties in another setting, such as when purchasing a new computer or cellphone to protect it in case of accidental damage. Home warranties work in a similar way: they cover many major appliances and systems in the home in case they

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