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How To Spot Foundation DamageFoundation damage can be a problem for homeowners. A home with foundation problems can be unsafe to occupy, and foundation damage can be expensive to repair. Homeowners who recognize the signs of foundation damage and who know what to do when they identify potential issues can help protect their property and maintain their home's value.

Signs of Foundation Damage

There are many signs of foundation trouble. Homeowners who are able to recognize the signs can seek repair before the damage spreads.

Warning signs can be found inside and outside the Wandermere home. One of the first and most obvious indications of trouble includes cracks in the foundation. Not all cracks are indicative of a serious problem. Hairline cracks that are smaller than

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Showing a Home When You Have Pets Waiting for a home to move through the sale process from listing to closing can be nerve-wracking, even when no major issues arise. But for homes with one or more family pets, trying to keep the home clean and attractively organized for each buyer visit can seem just as stressful as the actual sale process. Home owners who are planning to list their homes for sale soon and are worrying about whether their pets may affect their successful sale can use these tips keep their home ready for showings and their pets happy and healthy, too.

Eliminate Odors and Pet-related Damages

Even well-loved pets can leave their mark on a home, with odors, damage or both. This means that pet owners who are planning to sell their home must be willing to take extra

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What to Do About Roof DamageIt is important to address signs of roof damage because when is left without being repaired, a home may become more susceptible to mold, rot and pests. Those who want to protect their home's value need to decide how they may want to address roof damage and whether or not they need to repair or replace a roof. Depending on the type of damage, more resources may be needed to make necessary repairs.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Homeowners may want to consider replacing a roof if it is near its estimated roofing cycle. A homeowner with a roof of asphalt shingles can expect the roof to have an average lifetime of up to 20 years. Damage that occurs near the end of a roof's lifetime may be more easily and more cost effectively remedied by

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What Are the Most Common Home Buying Contingencies?Offers may seem like a relatively straightforward procedure when it comes to the home buying process, but appearances can be deceiving. From the common contingencies to the crazy ones, buyers can submit their offers with any number of terms and conditions. Find out more about how they work to benefit not just the buyer and seller, but also the lender and respective title companies.

A Brief Overview

Like most other purchases, home buying is largely determined by supply and demand. In a seller's market, buyers may make few or no contingencies because they are motivated to have their offer accepted. In a buyer's market, they may be able to submit a successful offer with multiple contingencies because a homeowner may need to be more flexible in

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