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How to Decide If a Home Repair Is A DIY or Needs a ProThe allure of a DIY job can be a powerful one. It calls to homeowners in a primal way, beckoning them to save money while bonding with their property. But DIY jobs have another side to them that may not only cost more money to complete but may be more than a homeowner can handle. Before checking YouTube for tips, use these basic criteria to decide on a strategy.

Understand All Local Regulations

Every province in Canada has their own view on just how much control a homeowner has over their property. These regulations are enforced because no homeowner lives in a bubble, and their mistakes can have a major impact on the neighborhood. For example, an underground leak can go undetected for years until it causes damage to everyone on the block.

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When it's Time to Replace Your GuttersThe gutters on your home can provide good service for decades. Experts say that aluminum and steel gutters have an average lifespan of about 20 years, while copper gutters can last as long as 50 years. However, during your gutters' lifetime, issues like build-ups of leaves, damage from ladders and branches or other potential hazards can reduce their lifespan. Also, if you have purchased an already-existing home, you may not know the age of the gutters and whether they are ready for replacement. It's a good idea to be on top of this maintenance issue because of the damage leaking gutters can do to your home. Not sure if it's time yet? These signs can show that your gutters are ready for replacement:

You can see rust spots, cracks and holes.


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Floor Upgrades for your Home Wood is increasingly popular in houses throughout the country. If you're building new or considering a home renovation to add lasting value to a home, think about upgrading to wood floors. According to a 2016 Remodeling Magazine report, hardwood flooring ranks among the top seven "most wanted" home features.

When you consider what you put on your floors, there are many choices: Polished concrete can be stunningly beautiful and plush carpet is a welcome comfort in some parts of the country. But if you're interested in lasting good looks, dollar value over the long-term, beauty and almost unlimited options, look to wood flooring.

Here are the reasons why:

Long-lasting and Easy Care

Modern wood finishes extend below the surface to make the

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Fixing Plumbing After buying your first home, learning how to care for your pipes can help save you money on plumbing repair. With the right tools and a little basic knowledge, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars on plumbing repair every year. 

Clogged Drain

Slow drains are typically caused by a buildup of hair and other organic debris in the pipes. To fix a slow drain, there are a multitude of strategies which could be attempted. One method is to flush the drain with several cups of vinegar, then allow the vinegar to sit for several minutes. Once the vinegar has had time to clean the inside of the pipe, flush it with hot (not boiling) water.

If the drain is fully clogged, use a plumber's auger. Insert the screw-tip end of the cable into the pipe, then

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grilled corn on the cob

It seemed like we’d never get those seeds into the ground but it’s finally done and now we’re wondering how everyone else’s garden is doing. We planted corn this year and did a ton of research on what can grow wrong with the crop. Seedcorn maggot has got to be the worst that can happen, in our opinion. If you’re growing corn this year as well, read on to learn about this nasty little pest.

What’s a seedcorn maggot?

Maggots are the legless, wormlike offspring of certain gnats, mosquitos and flies. The seedcorn maggot is the offspring of a small brown fly that you may see hovering over a freshly-manured garden plot. The maggot, however, lives in the soil and dines on freshly planted corn seeds.

Life cycle

The seedcorn maggot is in the soil

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 plastic bucket with cleaning supplies

Spokane homeowners and renters share the same cleaning dilemma; you want a super clean home, but don’t want to spend all your time cleaning it.

If you’re still cleaning the way they did when Spokane was settled, you’re missing an opportunity to solve that dilemma. The trick is to figure out which products work fastest, and protect your belongings longest. And here are seven cleaning hacks to get you started.

In the kitchen

 Clean gas burners with ammonia – Stuff your gas burner rings into garbage bags (do it outside!) and add a splash of ammonia before sealing. Allow everything to simmer overnight before spraying off the caked grease with a garden hose.

Learn your kitchen cleaning products – Use sea salt to scrub cast iron pans, but turn

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It doesn’t matter how many times you ask politely or how loud your voice can go; kids tend to have a problem keeping their room clean. There are a couple of reasons for that. For a start, cleaning is no fun. But that’s not the only thing holding them back. Until they’re taught how to tidy, children don’t have an easy time understanding what to do. And some rooms are downright difficult to clean.

For any – or all – of these challenges, you can try these smart ideas. They’ve all worked for parents tired or repeating, “go clean your room!”

Start the Process – Take some time to show your kid what you mean by “clean” and set a good example. Make sure to specify that pushing books from the middle of the floor until they’re underneath the bed

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When everyone is home from school, and you (almost magically) have more time after work before retiring for the evening, the kitchen can feel rather small. Somehow, that’s the case even if you do less cooking. And, if the kitchen somehow escaped your ever-so-diligent spring cleaning, it’s time to get through it now. It might even be easier than you think.

  • One Space at a Time – If you’ve got a seriously cluttered kitchen, you should never attempt it in one sitting. Even if you just need to weed through a few areas, you should still work through one drawer or shelf at a time. If you find the odd spoon that belongs in a collection elsewhere, move it towards that location, but don’t open the drawer – you’ll get sidetracked before you
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There’s more to spring than cleaning – it’s the ideal time to dump the heavy winter window coverings and hang up lighter fabrics for spring. If you shop at local sales, or discount retailers online, new curtains don’t have to cost a fortune.

When it’s time for you to update the window treatments in your Spokane home, check out the following tips.

Colors and Patterns

Choose your colors and patterns carefully. In fact, here are some tips for you:

When considering color, your aim should be to complement accessories. Too many colors will overpower them. If your room is small and you opt for big, bold patterns in your draperies, don’t use patterns in other upholstered items in the room.

If, on the other hand, you’ll be choosing a solid

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It’s difficult to ignore a problem with lighting in a home and yet, it’s one of those things that you never notice when it has been done right. This is the time when many homeowners in Spokane spot issues with the lighting in their homes.

The Importance of Lighting in a Home

Not only can good lighting improve the moods of everyone living in it (and your visitors too), it also has the potential to increase the value of your home… without a major outlay of cash.

But, good lighting doesn’t mean spaces flooded with light. That can be too harsh, and it can also put people on edge (think of the bright lights at hospitals as an example). It also doesn’t mean low lighting throughout the house so that you’re always feeling around for what you need.

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