3 Tips to Finally Organize Your Garage

How to Organize Your Garage In a WeekendA garage is usually a space that homeowners ignore, no matter how disorganized it happens to get. After a while, it may even seem like the mess is normal. But the garage is a functional space for any property, and the more it's neglected, the more problems it will cause. Not only can overstuffed garages fool a homeowner into believing they don't have enough storage space, but they can be magnets for different kinds of pests to take up residence near the home (and it may not be long before they find their way indoors). Here are three tips to get the garage cleaners of the world going on a new project.

Look Up

The walls of a garage can be exceptionally valuable to store more than just tools. Most items can be hung up with hooks and organized by type. When everything is on the wall, it's easier for people to find. Plus, if a large item needs to be taken out of the garage, such as a kayak, it's easier to grab and haul away. This not only keeps the floors cleaner, it can actually inspire people to use some of those long-forgotten purchases.

Use the Drawers

A garage is actually a money-saver for Northwood homeowners in disguise. As long as residents can figure out a storage system that protects their belongings, they can stock up on all kinds of groceries and everyday household items for less money. Deep pull-out drawers may be an investment, but they're designed to keep items safe from things like pests, water, and even just the wear and tear of time. If it's not practical to install pull-out drawers, storage bins can be a good alternative. Ensure everything is labeled clearly and all residents know how goods are supposed to be stored and used.

Look for Tacks

Similar to using the walls for extra space, here are a few inexpensive ways to open up some more space:

  • Magnets: These can be used to give hobbyists and amateur handymen an easy way to access their tools.
  • Racks: Installing a few racks on the ceiling means getting their bicycles (dog leashes, sports equipment, etc.) off the garage floor.
  • Clothespin: Plentiful and economical, these items make it easy to hang up a variety of accessories (e.g., baseball caps, scarves, etc.) or other small items.

Too much clutter in a garage is a fire hazard just waiting to happen. No matter how difficult it is to take the first step, there are ways to start getting everything in its proper place.

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