What to Know About Moving to Spokane, WA

Your Guide to Moving to Spokane, WASpokane, Washington is one of those up-and-coming cities that is quickly making a name for itself in the Pacific Northwest. The vibrant downtown is teeming with life, and there's plenty of job opportunities available. This has ushered in an era in which more people are moving into the city, and many are wondering what they need to know about their new hometown.

Here's what you need to know about moving to Spokane:

There are Many Distinct Neighborhoods in the City

Like any large metropolitan city, Spokane boasts a variety of different neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has its own flavor and atmosphere, and there are often distinct architectural styles and housing options to be found within the borders of these micro-communities. Some of the most well-known neighborhoods in Spokane include:

  • Garland
  • University District
  • Peaceful Valley
  • The South Hill

Ultimately, someone who is moving to Spokane will want to consider their own lifestyle and their personal needs when living in the city. Many want to be close to the place that they work, so this may determine the neighborhood that they focus on during their home search. Others are searching for a neighborhood that offers a certain vibe. In the end, a real estate agent can help you discover the neighborhood that will be right for you.

Dining is Both Delicious and Fun in Spokane

As a city with a fresh outlook on life, there are plenty of new and unique restaurants now located in Spokane. New residents are often delighted to discover that their city is home to some of the tastiest restaurants in Washington. Breakfast is a particularly popular meal in the city, with many places offering patio dining, brunch specials and hand-crafted menu items that feature seasonal ingredients. Yards Bruncheon, for instance, is a favorite breakfast spot among the locals. For lunch and dinner meals with great views, residents often recommend Perry Street Brew.

Plenty of Green Space Adds to Residents' Quality of Life

One of the best parts about living in Spokane is that there are plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy an active lifestyle. The city boasts a variety of parks and green spaces as well as recreational facilities. The city's dog park is becoming a popular spot for residents to gather and meet one another as their four-legged friends run around freely. There are also a variety of peaceful gardens scattered throughout Spokane, which are the perfect place to reflect on what lies ahead in your new city. Trails, nature preserves, skate parks and playgrounds can also be found at many other parks within Spokane.

Relocation Packets are Available for New Neighbors

Spokane strives to make its new residents feel at home as quickly as possible, which is why its leaders and community organizers make a conscious effort to communicate and connect with those who are moving here. Those who are planning a move to Spokane can contact the Spokane Visitor Information Center in order to request a relocation packet. This packet will give them all of the information they need in order to coordinate the logistics for their upcoming move.

People who are just moving to Spokane are not going to feel like the new kids in town for long. This is a welcoming and inclusive city that is excited about its growth and development. Residents who want to fit in and feel like this is their own home will quickly adapt to the Spokane lifestyle, and will find that there's plenty of new neighbors to connect with.

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