Where Are the Best Museums in Spokane, WA?

All About the Best Museums in Spokane, WashingtonSpokane is a place where people have access to a variety of different cultural institutions. Whether you're a parent with children looking for a fun science museum, or you're a couple hoping to get your daily dose of art and education, there are many places where you can go to broaden your horizons and learn something about the world. Below, we've listed some of our favorite museums in the greater Spokane area.

Avenue West Gallery

Address: Avenue West Gallery, 907 West Boone Ave., Spokane, WA, 99201

Avenue West Gallery is an artist co-op gallery featuring art in many forms. At the Avenue West, you'll see everything from paintings to photography to woodworking and sculpture. The gallery is also staffed by the artists who create the work, so you can meet the people responsible for the beauty within. Learn something about local artists and find something you like at the Avenue West Gallery.

Campbell House

Address: Campbell House, 2316 West 1st Avenue, Spokane, WA 99201

Campbell House is a locally famous home designed by architect Kirtland Cuter. Inside the Campbell House, visitors learn about life in Spokane 100 years ago. Visitors to the home learn something about servants and wealthy citizens of Spokane from the time period. Some days are an open house and visitors are allowed to wander through the halls on their own. On other days, visitors must take the tour, so check ahead before visiting.

Mobius Children's Museum

Address: Mobius Children's Museum, 808 W Main Ave, Spokane, WA 99201

Located on the lower level of River Park Square, Mobius Children's Museum is designed for children ages eight and younger. Visitors to the museum enjoy driving plasma cars, creating artworks in the art studio and learning about the rules of traffic. Children are able to play with the water table and dress up theater. Children can play sports and even learn about bubbles in the Bubbleology exhibit. This museum is an excellent place for parents to bring children on rainy days in Spokane.

Mobius Science Center

Address: Mobius Science Center, 331 N Post St, Spokane, WA99201

The Mobius Science Center picks up where the Mobius Children's Museum leaves off, entertaining children age 8 and up. This is a common place for field trips and local school groups to visit. At the museum, children are able to explore technology, science, engineering and math-related exhibits. Visitors to the museum comment on its small size and surprisingly high-quality exhibits. This is an excellent place to take older children over the weekend.

Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

Address: Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture, 2316 West 1st Avenue, Spokane, WA 99201

Located on the same property as the Campbell House, the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture is made up of galleries, education centers, a community room, an auditorium and amphitheater. Most of the museum focuses on regional history, Native American history and art. Visitors to the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture will enjoy learning about their community, its history and the various traveling exhibitions that come to this museum.

Visiting Spokane? Check Out Our Fabulous Museums

Spokane is full of fun places to learn and be entertained! Our museums are first-rate and there's a little something for everyone. Whether you're a visitor or a long-time resident, check out our centers of culture in this Pacific Northwest gem of a city.

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