Your Guide to Public Transportation in Spokane, WA

Getting Around Spokane: Information for People New to the AreaIf you rely on the public transportation system in Spokane, Washington, it means you spend a lot of time on buses. Spokane has an extensive public transportation system serving Spokane, Medical Lake, Fairchild Airforce Base, Airway Heights, Millwood, Cheney, Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake. Altogether, more than 400,000 people live in the Spokane Transit service area.

When Buses Run

Busses run all 365 days per year, including holidays. Special schedules are in effect on some major holidays like New Years Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Buses run 5:30 AM to 11:30 PM on weekdays and from 8 AM to 8PM on weekends.

Bus Routes

There are 43 bus routes running throughout the service area. All routes are listed on the website with alerts (indicated by a red bell) signifying which routes are affected by stop closures and construction.

These routes connect major landmarks throughout the city, including:

  • Spokane Community College
  • Spokane Falls Community College
  • Eastern Washington University
  • Spokane International Airport
  • Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena
  • Sacred Heart Medical Center
  • St. Lukes Rehabilitation Institute
  • Shriners Hospital for Children
  • Civic Theater
  • Spokane Public Library
  • Various public schools

Online Technology and Apps

Spokane Transit has a well-organized and thorough website providing nearly all information someone would need to ride the buses throughout the year. The website provides information about all routes and bus stops, schedules, fares, information about passengers with disabilities, policies and rules for ridership and information about how to be courteous to other bus riders. Spokane transit also uses software, apps and technology to make riding the bus easier.

Text Your Stop

Each bus stop has its own 4-digit code, listed on the sign for the particular bus. With the "Text Your Stop" option, bus riders are able to text the code to a designated number (99689) and the next arrival time will be sent in response.

Real Time Info Map

The "Real Time Info" map is a map of active stops around Spokane. Clicking on the stops reveals what bus lines are about to arrive. Zooming in on different parts of the map reveal different bus stops throughout the service area.

Transit Apps

Spokane's transit information is available on Google Maps and has been downloaded by third-party app developers who have created apps to help Spokane riders get from one place to another. These apps include:

  • One Bus Away
  • Transit App
  • Moovit App

All three of these apps are available for Apple and Android phones. These apps are not endorsed by Spokane Transit, although they are listed on the Spokane Transit website.


Spokane Transit uses a standard fare structure, to make transportation affordable for as many people as possible. Options include:

  • Single-ride fare
  • Two-hour pass
  • Day pass
  • Fixed route 31-day pass

Reduced fares are also available for people over age 65 and for student riders.

Good Luck

Spokane's public transportation system is advanced and extensive. If you're new to the area, you have a lot to learn about how the buses work, where they go, and how they can help you get around. Before you start using the bus system to get to a new job or to important appointments, take the bus to some fun places, so you'll know how to use the transit system when you need it.

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