Renovating Your Cabinets: Tips for Homeowners

Renovating Your Cabinets: Tips for Homeowners

How to Renovate Your Kitchen CabinetsCabinets are one of the most expensive parts of the kitchen to replace. For this reason, many homeowners will renovate or refinish their cabinets, instead of completely replacing them. Having poor or outdated cabinets could be a mistake if the homeowner is considering selling their home. Knowing how to refinish your cabinets can help you through the process. Using the proper techniques, you can make your kitchen cabinets look beautiful.

Etch the Surface

Kitchen cabinets must be moisture resistant, so most cabinets will have a glossy top coat. This must be removed before cabinets can be refinished. There are multiple ways that cabinets can be deglossed, including:

  • Chemical deglosser. Follow all manufacturer instructions when using chemical deglosser on cabinets, including wearing any personal protective equipment and using ventilation techniques.
  • Sanding. Always sand with the grain, then clean away any wood shavings left on the surface.

Failure to etch the surface of the cabinets may result in the paint or stain peeling away from the cabinets after the refinishing is complete.

Remove All Hardware

Before beginning to paint or stain the cabinets, remove all hardware, including hinges and cabinet handles. Keep the hardware in baggies, properly labeled, so that each cabinet handle can be put back on the proper drawer or cabinet door.

Fill In Holes and Scratches

Use a painter's knife to fill in any holes on the cabinet doors and drawers with wood putty. Sand down the putty after filling in the grooves, then allow the putty to dry. Filling in the holes and scratches on the doors and drawers can help ensure that the cabinets will look new and unmarred when the project is finished.

Pick the Right Color

It's important to pick the right color when using paint on kitchen cabinets. The best way to choose an appropriate shade is to test different colors on a piece of cardboard or spare plywood. When choosing a scrap surface on which to test paint, pick something that looks similar to the surface that will be painted. Hold the scrap board up against the cabinets in natural daylight, to get a sense of how the paint will look in that space.

Selling Your House? Consult with an Expert

If you're refinishing your cabinets because you're thinking about selling your Suncrest home, talk to an expert. Your real estate agent can help you decide what colors will most appeal to buyers, and what else can be done to make your home look its best for buyers.

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