Repair Tools Every Homeowner Needs in Their House

Repair Tools Every Homeowner Needs in Their House

Homeowner Tips: 4 Types of Tools for the HomeOwning a home calls for a fair bit of maintenance, and having a stock of available equipment makes repairs and improvements faster. With this information, homeowners will know which tools they should keep on hand.

1. Landscaping Maintenance

The type of tools necessary for the landscape depends on the yard, but homeowners can plan on a few basics. Mowing and trimming the lawn calls for a mower and a weed trimmer. People can use a rake or a leaf blower to move lightweight debris to a designated spot for removal. Common gardening tools include a trowel, spade, hoe, and shovel. Homeowners should also keep tools like a wrench to fix their sprinkler systems, as needed.

2. All-Purpose Tools

Certain implements have a broad appeal all over the property. Any homeowner will appreciate having a set of screwdrivers in a variety of sizes. Some screwdrivers come with removable bits. People are wise to invest in a toolbox that can hold:

  • screwdrivers
  • tape measure
  • hammers
  • box cutter
  • nails, bolts, and screws
  • power drill with bits
  • rubber mallet

A stepladder rounds out the list, and provides homeowners with most of what they will need for simple work.

3. Basic Repairs and Improvements

Living in a home means putting some wear on the structure. On occasion, residents will need to patch a wall, secure a wobbly doorjamb, or tighten the screws on an outlet cover. The toolbox may have most of what a homeowner will use for many common tasks. In addition, people might want to add a putty knife, stud finder wall anchors, and a carpenter's level to the box. These items make shorter work of the day-to-day tasks of homeownership.

4. Safety Gear

Staying safe while working around the house could be the most important set of tools for the job. No one wants to take a fall or spray a hazardous substance in their unprotected faces. Homeowners ought to buy a decent pair of protective eyewear, moderately heavy gloves, and reusable or disposable face masks. Adequate lighting is important, so an adjustable task spotlight could improve the safety and accuracy of the project.

Accumulating a set of tools can take West Terrace homeowners a year or two. Sometimes, people are not sure which tools they should buy first. By relying on this list, homeowners could focus on the equipment they really need, for the projects they expect to do.

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