Where Are the Best Places to Swim in Spokane, WA?

Where to Go Swimming in Spokane, WashingtonSummer temperatures often leave everyone seeking a quick way to cool off while still having a great time. Perhaps the best way to do that is to go swimming in Spokane at the many aquatic centers all around. Each one offers free admission through the summer for anyone who signs up for a SplashPass. After that, they just have to arrive during open and lap swim times, sign in, and head to the pool to have a blast. Here's a look at the six Spokane aquatic centers.

Hillyard Aquatic Center

Address: Hillyard Aquatic Center, 3000 East Columbia Avenue, Spokane, Washington 99208

There is something for everyone at the Hillyard Aquatic Center. This pool has multiple zones for lap swimming, floating, and just splashing around. The pool begins with a zero-depth entrance that leads to a mild waterslide for kids. At the deeper end of the pool are even taller and faster waterslides for big kids and adults. This Spokane aquatic center also has a whirlpool and two diving boards at the deep end of the pool.

Comstock Aquatic Center

Address: Comstock Aquatic Center, 600 West 29th Avenue, Spokane, Washington 99203

At the Comstock Aquatic Center, people of all ages can swim and play to their heart's content. Visitors can challenge themselves to beat their 25- and 50-yard records in the lap lanes that run along either side of the pool. Or, they can take trip after trip through the twisty waterslides that dump them out into a dedicated catch pool. The zero-depth entry point is great for the littlest of the group, giving them a place to wade and splash around all day.

A.M. Cannon Aquatic Center

Address: A.M. Cannon Aquatic Center, 1900 West Mission, Spokane, Washington 99201

The A.M. Cannon Aquatic Center features a sprawling pool full of amazing things to do. Zero-depth entry gives everyone a place to walk right in and allows youngsters to wade at their leisure. Within that area is a small play structure with a short slide, while the other side of the pool has a huge waterslide. A.M. Cannon also has lap swimming lanes and a recreational area for casual swimmers.

Shadle Aquatic Center

Address: Shadle Aquatic Center, 2005 West Wellesley Avenue, Spokane, Washington 99205

Everything centers around the play structures and waterslides at Shadle Aquatic Center. In the zero-entry area, the pool has a big play space to climb up and go down the many slides all around. For the older crowd, there's also a set of bigger waterslides where the water gets much deeper. Six 25-yard lanes give visitors a place to practice their strokes, while the recreation pool is a wonderful spot to lounge around.

Witter Aquatic Center

Address: Witter Aquatic Center, 1300 East Mission Avenue, Spokane, Washington 99202

Witter Aquatic Center is the ultimate place to go for everyone who wants to perfect their swimming strokes. This pool features a gigantic 50-meter competition pool with seven lap lanes. At the end of this pool are two diving boards for swimmers to practice their dramatic entrances. They also have a second catch pool for their waterslide, which has a recreation area attached.

Liberty Aquatic Center

Address: Liberty Aquatic Center, 1300 East 5th Avenue, Spokane, Washington 99202

There is no shortage of awesome things to do when visiting Liberty Aquatic Center. The zero-depth entry side features excellent play equipment for climbing, sliding, and more. Further in, there's a set of waterslides that feed into a catch pool plus an exciting whirlpool area. For those who want to practice their swim strokes, there's six 25-yard lanes for swimming laps.

With so much to do at each of these aquatic centers, everyone can spend their days enjoying Spokane swimming adventures. And with their SplashPass, they can get in for free all summer long.

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