Best Things to Do With Kids in Spokane: Spokane, WA Family-Friendly Activity Guide

Things to Do With Kids in Spokane

As a growing cultural and economic center, Spokane is gaining popularity for those looking for a change of scenery in northwestern Washington. Known as the Lilac City, Spokane is recognized as the birthplace of Father's Day and has a rich history to accompany the community's excitement.

From sports fans and foodies to outdoor enthusiasts, art lovers, and explorers, there's something for everyone here, including activities and outings that appeal to kids. With more new construction homes going up alongside Spokane's existing historic homes, more people are appreciating all that Spokane offers children. Here are some of the best things to do with kids in Spokane, Washington.

Numerica SkyRide Over the Falls

Numerica SkyRide Amenities

  • Cable ride
  • 15-minute ride time
  • Views of city and Spokane Falls

Take a 15-minute trip through the air on the Numerica SkyRide that offers panoramic views of the city and the stunning Spokane Falls that are the second-largest, suburban-located falls in the U.S. Passengers claim the best views are during raging water seasons from March through June, but the sights of City Hall, Huntington Park, the Monroe Street Bridge, and other historic landmarks are always impressive.

This Riverfront Park attraction has been routinely named one of the world's top scenic cable rides by multiple publications for good reasons. Each enclosed cabin can hold up to six passengers and run year-round regardless of the season, though they may close during high winds or temperatures over 90 degrees. Bring a camera and prepare to snap photos to capture memories and perhaps even a rainbow.

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Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park Amenities

  • 100 acres
  • SkyRide
  • Looff Carrousel
  • Sculptures of Bloomsday Run competitors
  • Numerica Skate Ribbon (winter)
  • Playgrounds

Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane is a central hub for entertainment and activities for everyone, but it's a special retreat for kids seeking thrills. Noted by National Geographic as one of the nation's most beautiful urban parks, this place is very popular with locals and visitors alike. In addition to special and seasonal events, just taking a hike around the park or stopping at one of the playgrounds is a treat, but there's much more awaiting here.

Spanning across 100 acres of lush landscapes and thrilling interactive experiences, Riverfront Park was the site of the World's Fair in 1974. Today, visitors can ride the SkyRide and view the massive Spokane Falls. Take a round or two on the historic, hand-carved 1909 Looff Carrousel, which has an animal waiting for passengers.

Another highlight honors the Bloomsday Run with a series of life-sized sculptures of running locals taking part in a 40+ year Spokane tradition. This is also a top photo-op spot in town. In the wintertime, a special attraction is the Numerica Skate Ribbon, a 16-foot wide ribbon of ice that winds down the park's hill, much to the delight of skaters.

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The Blue Zoo

The Blue Zoo Amenities

  • Interactive aquarium
  • Touching and feeding creatures
  • Special show on a pirate ship
  • Meet and greet with a mermaid
  • View dive show
  • Water tables
  • Educational reptile show

This interactive aquarium in Northtown Mall appeals to the hands-on kid in us all. With a mission to educate the public about water creatures, reptiles, and birds, The Blue Zoo Aquarium is a large attraction with numerous special events and exhibits. If the idea of touching and feeding unique critters like stingrays, seahorses, sharks, octopi, and other new friends sounds fun, this is the place to be.

A lifelike pirate ship is within the freshwater and saltwater play centers where a special show complete with sword fighting occurs. Meet and greet with a mermaid, view a dive show, and watch the action that's all included with the admission price. There are multiple water tables for playtime, in addition to an educational reptile show at this underwater adventure zone.

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Escape Entertainment North Spokane

Escape Entertainment North Spokane Amenities

  • Three themed escape rooms
  • Puzzles to solve in groups
  • Team-building

Escape Entertainment North Spokane is the hottest place to make an inner-city escape. These real-world puzzle games challenge the mind and every keen sense a group has as they work together to break out of themed rooms. Each clue discovered must be unlocked by teammates, boosting the pressure to work closely together.

Patrons have one hour to beat the odds and work their way out of one of three rooms at the North Spokane location. Prison Break puts guests under the watch of the warden who's determined to prevent escape. Escape the haunted Room 13 as an initiation dares one to try and leave the hotel. Be a secret agent with Stealth Force to fight the enemies attempting a missile strike. Deactivate the weapons to escape the room and save the world. Book a spot today for a uniquely thrilling time.

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Green Bluff Growers

Formed in 1902, the Green Bluff Growers' Association began as a small operation but has grown into several farms and fresh food stands across the Spokane region. Each location is independently owned and operated and offers various events, produce, meats, seasonal activities, and opportunities to pick fruit to take home. Favorite year-round places to visit at Green Bluff include Hansen's Green Bluff Orchard and Beck's Harvest House, home to a Fall Harvest Festival.

Hansen's Green Bluff Orchard

Hansen's Green Bluff Orchard Amenities

  • Pick or buy fresh fruit
  • Pick fresh flowers
  • Homemade cider

Come to Hansen's to indulge in tasty apples, berries, cherries, plums, peaches, and more. Pick them fresh, or head to the prepackaged section where baskets of goodies and homemade cider await. There's also a fresh flower field where $5 gets a whole bouquet and vase for patrons to take home.

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Beck's Harvest House

Beck's Harvest House Amenities

  • Fall Festival
  • Food trucks
  • Face painting
  • Pumpkin donuts
  • Five-acre corn maze

By far, Beck's Harvest House is one of the most popular farms on the bluff, especially during the Fall Festival that lasts for a month from the last week of September until just before Halloween. Patrons can enjoy food trucks, face painting, pumpkin donuts, and a five-acre corn maze. There are many kid-friendly attractions on-site to be enjoyed at various price points.

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Cat Tales Wildlife Center

Cat Tales Wildlife Center Amenities

  • Bears
  • Turtles
  • Wolf-dogs
  • Leopards, pumas, lions, and tigers
  • Opportunity to feed lions, tigers, and bears

As a non-profit, volunteer-led big cat sanctuary, Cat Tales Wildlife Center has grown from a handful of rescue animals to dozens over the past three decades. There are more than just cats here, too. Many of the non-feline animals are orphans taken on through the center's rescue and educational program. Highlights include bears, turtles, wolf-dogs, leopards, pumas, lions, and tigers, to name a few.

There are animals young and old here, and there are always new family members to come and visit. The center offers guests the chance to feed their lions, tigers, and bears for an additional fee.

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Fun Awaits in Spokane

While adults enjoy the sweet life in beautiful Spokane, there are plenty of attractions designed to entertain and educate the youth in the community. Come and embrace your sense of adventure, as there are many fun places near some of the city's most desirable housing and job opportunities.

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