Using Shrubs and Flowers to Boost Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home

Landscaping with Shrubs and Flowers to Boost Curb AppealFlowers and shrubs are an important part of a home’s curb appeal. Knowing how to work with these plants strategically can help you wow buyers so you can sell your home quickly when the time comes.

Choose Bright and Colorful Specimens

Bright, colorful flowers make a home look cheerful and inviting. Some homeowners choose flowers that fit into a specific color scheme while others go for a more eclectic collection of different hues. Either way, brighter is usually better when selling. Showy, vibrant flowers remind buyers that the soil is fertile, the yard is beautiful and the home is bursting with potential. 

Plant Annuals for Lush, Easy to Maintain Splendor

Annuals only live for one growing season. Out of necessity, most specimens are fast growers and need little care in order to thrive. This is exactly the kind of plant that benefits a home seller. With packing to be done and home improvements to be made, many homeowners wanting to sell their home quickly have little time to focus on their gardens. Since most annuals require only a lot of sun and regular watering, they’re the perfect plants for the job.

Prune Back Old Shrubs to Encourage Leafy Growth

Old shrubs tend to get lanky and overgrown which can be unattractive. The best way to get an older shrub under control is to prune it at the beginning of the growing season. This cuts back on unnecessary height and encourages the shrub to grow out more than up. This is especially important for shrubs that have grown so large that they cover up windows of the home.

Keep it Easy: Avoid Planting New Shrubs

New shrubs need a lot of care in order to become established. Even drought-tolerant specimens need to be established before they can go without frequent watering. In their first summer, new shrubs are at risk for drying up and dying if they don’t get regular care from the homeowner. This can be a pain for any homeowner who is busy with the sale of their home.

Cluster Flowers and Ornamental Plants Near the Door

Showy plants and flowers will become a natural focus for people who see any property. Cluster several specimens in the vicinity of the front door to draw the eye toward the entrance to a home. Doing this makes the front door a kind of showcase, and makes the home seem more inviting as buyers pull up to the property for the first time.

Work With Your Real Estate Agent

A good real estate agent knows all the landscaping and staging tricks that can make your home more buyer-friendly. Work with your agent to make your property beautiful before it goes on the market. If there's anything sellers want to avoid, it's doing more or less work than necessary to impress buyers in their area.

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