Why You Should Get Solar Panels

Why You Should Get Solar Panels

5 Reasons To Invest in Solar PanelsAs people are becoming more environmentally conscious, there are new household improvements that help homeowners lessen their carbon footprint by increasing energy efficiency around the home. Solar panels have been around for quite some time now, and while many homeowners think they’re out of reach, they’re more accessible than ever now for use on private homes. There are many reasons why solar panels are attractive, and here are some of them.

Homeowners Can Live Anywhere and See Results

A common misconception about solar panels is that in order to get any use out of them, they must be in a sunny place like southern California or Arizona. While the location of solar panels does affect how effective they are, homeowners can live just about anywhere and still be able to reap the benefits. In America, the most popular city for solar panels is Los Angeles. However, cities like New York, Boston, and Chicago are all in the top ten. Homeowners who live in the north may not get the same results from their solar panels as people in the sunny south, but the panels are still effective enough that it’s worth the cost of investing. 

Solar Panels Save Money

Homeowners may be put off by the high upfront cost of purchasing solar panels, which can be anywhere from $10,000-13,500 to cover a roof in 5kW panels. However, once everything has been said and done, the panels will help the average homeowner save about $1,400 one electric bills every year, so the panels will pay for themselves in less than ten years. And to make the panels more appealing, most solar panels have a lifespan of 25-30 years, which means over their lifetime they can generate up to $42,000 worth of electricity

Solar Panels Increase a Home’s Value

Should the homeowner ever decide to sell their home, they can take comfort in knowing that the solar panels they purchased will increase the home’s value. In fact, homes with purchased solar panels already installed can sell for up to $15,000 more on average than they would have without the panels. This number will fluctuate depending on how many panels there are and their working condition, but after factoring the time the homeowners have already used the panels, they can prepare for a net gain when it comes time to sell. 

Solar Panels Can Be Bought Or Leased

For many people, the steep price of solar panels is one of the things keeping them from investing the money. For these sorts of budgets, leasing may be a better option. While leasing solar panels isn’t as lucrative over time like purchasing the solar panels is, leasing will still allow homeowners to save money on their electric bills as if they owned the panels. Many solar panel leasing companies will also allow homeowners to purchase the solar panels if they change their mind later on.

Solar Panels Are Low Maintenance

In order to work properly, solar panels should be kept fairly clean. However, this doesn’t mean the homeowner needs to climb onto the roof every few days armed with a bottle of Windex. Solar panels can be cleaned a few times a year to keep them in working order, and homeowners can hire a professional to clean them or clean them themselves. 

Solar panels are both environmentally friendly and can help homeowners save money over time, which makes them a good investment and addition to any green Meadowwood home. Homeowners interested in solar panels should research reputable manufacturers in order to find the best ones for their needs. 

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