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Spokane Real Estate

Incorporated into a city in 1881 the city of Spokane is located 92 miles from the Canadian border and approximately 20 miles from the Washington/Idaho border.  With a population over 200,000 the city is home to the world’s fair “Expo 74” which was located on Spokane River in the center of town and now consists of a 100 acre park known as “Riverfront Park”.   The Spokane River divides the city north to south with Division Street dividing the northern section into east and west.   While all areas of Spokane have their unique areas and neighborhoods, Northwest Spokane typically offers more of the median priced homes, while the Northeast section tends to be slightly lower and the South hill areas slightly higher.  Whether you are looking for a Craftsman or Victorian home from the early 1900’s, an established home from the mid 50’s to a custom home in a new development they can all be found in each of the three areas of Spokane.

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Spokane Valley Real Estate

Incorporated into a city in 2003 the city of Spokane Valley is located just east of Spokane and stretches eastward towards the Washington Idaho border.  With a population of nearly 90,000 the city continues to grow with the development of new residential communities as well as retail shops and stores.  The area consists of 38 Sq. miles and is favored by many because of its convenient location to Spokane as well as providing quick access to North Idaho lakes and activities.  Home Prices vary widely in the Spokane Valley depending on the neighborhood or area chosen.  So whether you are looking to buy your first home, find and established neighborhood to raise your family in, or you seek that upscale neighborhood, they can all be found within the  Spokane Valley area. 

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Liberty Lake Real Estate

Located just east of Spokane the Liberty Lake area sits on the Washington/Idaho border.  It was officially incorporated into a city in 2001.  Ranked highest in Spokane County based on per capita income the area continues to grow with new housing developments and businesses throughout the area.  It’s convenient location between Spokane and Couer D’ Alene, Idaho make it a desirable area for those looking to enjoy outdoor activities in upscale neighborhoods while providing quick access to the Freeway (I-90), that links the Spokane area to Couer D’ Alene area.

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Cheney Real Estate

Located approximately 17 miles southwest of the City of Spokane, Cheney is home to Eastern Washington University and a population of approximately 11,000 permanent residents.  The quick 20 minute drive leads you to a growing area of mostly average priced homes.  Whether you are looking for something in town on a City lot or a short distance out of town on acreage you can find homes and land within a quiet surrounding.

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Mead Real Estate

An unincorporated suburb, the Mead area is located just north of Spokane.  It is generally referred to as the “Mead Area” because of its School District which is home to over 9,000 Students and covers over 150 Sq. miles of land.  Homes and properties within the Mead area tend to be slightly higher than that of Spokane and new housing developments are abundant.  Whether you are looking for a home on acreage, a modestly priced home in a new or existing neighborhood, or a high end luxury home you can find them all with the Mead area.

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Nine Mile Falls Real Estate

The Nine Mile area is located nine miles northwest of downtown Spokane on the winding Spokane River.  The area stretches north into Stevens County due to heavy development in the 1990’s and 2000’s.  Waterfront homes stretch up and down the shores of long lake which is formed by the Spokane River and provides miles of boating and sightseeing pleasures.   The largest development in the Nine Mile area is known as Suncrest where most homes there are on one acre lots. Home prices are slightly higher than that of Spokane because of the size of the lots, but they provide for quite neighborhoods and that county feeling within minutes North Spokane. 

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